Smoke and Eucalyptus

4 x 3 Feet : Oils on canvas : $Priceless

Australian Wildfires: the eucalyptus trees could not defeat the smoke. It seemed like the world was on fire Down Under. I felt such compassion for the animals and humans displaced by the results of a sudden climate change. Their world was on fire. Our world may soon be.

Where will the rest of humanity take refuge if the world is on fire?

Maybe finding other worlds is a good idea?
There will be risks of course. Some will die giving our species a chance to survive ultimately. Initial sacrifices will likely be made, but the earth will make more of us until the environment changes so suddenly we can’t escape it. I hope we have some new choices by then.

Elon; thanks. You have done so much. I follow your thinking. Appreciate you.

You make sense to me, man. Keep winning. You are a beacon of hope to me. I’d give this piece to you as a gift for a chance to chat and learn from you. I have skills that I could use if I had some capital. I want to be a force for good like you, but over here on the Art and direct empathy side of things.

We need more undamaged creators. After dragging myself through poverty I can tell you that your lack of engineers and creatives at times have something to do with economics in relation to education and structure of education. My kids’ ( I helped raise them so I think of them as “My Kids”) lives got much better after pulling them from public and into a focused private school. Not fancy, just more effective and pretty close to affordable. Choosing to ignore education at the first initial levels and totally focusing on college is very inefficient. Smart children are having their spirits broken on the rocks of economic hardships and the defunding of schools based on violent ideas about economic austerity. They are thinking so small, operating in survival mode and in the presence of the greatest economic era of man to date. This lever needs to be adjusted, but government only concerns itself with the economic gods now. Exclusively. I wonder why that is and I would like to hear your thoughts.

I fear we are about to get pounded by a very strong version of economic austerity (language and policy) here in short order. Do you have any thoughts about ways we can make education generate happier and more effective humans? I know I have a lot of ideas, after raising two complicated and intelligent kids.

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