Early Spring

3 x 4 Feet : Oil on Canvas : $1200 SOLD

I really wanted the erosion look, the effect of which is highlighted in this piece. It hangs in my own foyer and decorates my home, so if you want it you essentially must bribe me. I like big numbers. I would sell this for a semi-trailer of good pre-stretched canvas delivered to a place of my choosing. (Canvas of various sizes please: the larger the better maybe stopping around 8 foot dimensions.) I don’t know how to stretch a canvas really: so I buy them. I like “just painting” and get weighed down when being spontaneous by the chore of building a canvas. Help here would be welcomed.

Kintsugi Stones

3 x 4 Feet : Acrylic on Canvas $1100 SOLD

I love LOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEE Kintsugi repairs of gold in blue pottery. This was an experiment where I tossed the old paint and dirty brush water from the previous painting onto the canvas to begin its shape and mark-making anchor: I then tried to adapt. It’s an outlier and special, like the person who would buy it. That person would know my references and appreciate overcoming natural obstacles. I think it’s priceless but: I can be bribed. I would like a larger studio space for myself and some students – any industrial building with reasonable natural light and some ceiling height with possibly the ability to set up a place to photograph art and a workshop / canvas-building area. I need to learn it eventually in terms of pushing my intention into every molecule of my art. So the knowledge and tools to do it well would be great too. A teacher? Yes, I’d trade some worldly requests for meeting someone I admire or will come to admire. I’d like to meet Lex Fridman or Elon or Joe Rogan, VERY MUCH. Oh and I have the hots bad for Cathy D Wood of ARK Investments – Talent just recognizing talent. Nothing else.