Kintsugi Stones

3 x 4 Feet : Acrylic on Canvas $1100 SOLD

I love LOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEE Kintsugi repairs of gold in blue pottery. This was an experiment where I tossed the old paint and dirty brush water from the previous painting onto the canvas to begin its shape and mark-making anchor: I then tried to adapt. It’s an outlier and special, like the person who would buy it. That person would know my references and appreciate overcoming natural obstacles. I think it’s priceless but: I can be bribed. I would like a larger studio space for myself and some students – any industrial building with reasonable natural light and some ceiling height with possibly the ability to set up a place to photograph art and a workshop / canvas-building area. I need to learn it eventually in terms of pushing my intention into every molecule of my art. So the knowledge and tools to do it well would be great too. A teacher? Yes, I’d trade some worldly requests for meeting someone I admire or will come to admire. I’d like to meet Lex Fridman or Elon or Joe Rogan, VERY MUCH. Oh and I have the hots bad for Cathy D Wood of ARK Investments – Talent just recognizing talent. Nothing else.

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