For Heide

4×3 feet : Oils on Canvas :: SOLD.

Heide picked most of the colors and they turned into a field of flowers. She had it hanging in her home for a few years but sold it back to me today 11/27/2020. So great. When I made it I liked it, but having it returned is even better. The Prodigal Daughter.

Getting it back is pure happiness.  (Heide just needed the space for a new piece.) It’s a joy to have it back with me. It’s a joy that it held a place in her home the last few years.

It’s literally a piece of my soul; that I was giving to my dear friend Heide. At the moment in my life when I painted it, she was supporting me as an artist when my hope was just a beginning flicker which had nearly extinguished. But in this moment when she commissioned this piece “on faith” in me, she blew on my tiny ember and ignited a flame.  I wanted to return that favor in my own way as you see here. This is a piece of my love for Heide. It means a lot to me.

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