4×4 Feet :: Acrylics on Canvas $Priceless

This one is very personal to me. I created this while still grieving the recent loss of my grandmother Helen. She taught me what fuchsia was and that color is “her color” … the golden tones are nostalgia and the black tones are death and my grief. The silver-grey was the only light available to me during the 9 days of attending her bedside and eventual passing…which was provided by my dear friend Jodi who opened her home to me during my vigil and provided most of the relief available to me during that difficult time. Idoj is her pet name from her father and so I used it here. Thank you again Jodi.

I may consider offers directed to the person who is currently about to own it and give it a good Home. Ryan Green. We have a deal that if he sells my Vintage Polo on ebay I will trade him the returns from that for this piece. I’d always rather barter than get money. He’s an exceptionally talented young man and one of my many teachers. Hope you are always so beautiful. You’ve overcome a lot and are clearly gifted. Talent recognizing talent.

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