Pink Olives

30×40 Inches :: Oil on Canvas  $SOLD

I like working with the soft reds I see so often in nature. The contrast created with the olive greens and brown shades evokes growth – reaching stems and other branching features. BUT this is really about pink. Women and men have a complicated relationship with pink for a bunch of reasons…not all understandable by me.

Women in my life –  such great women – epic women of power. YOU WOMEN have all raised me up so many times. You have helped shape my universe. MY god I am in awe. YOU females of any variety carry a painful burden in this society. IT is just ridiculously unfair.

I am furious. WHAT the fuck did women do that was so bad that we deny them the same rights and pay as men. MEN what the literal fuck are you DOING? Are you so afraid? WHO are you? Are you weak, are you Beta? SUBMIT. Let go. Let them lead. I want far more women in politics. It is time, this is ridiculous! I have to ask, is this about religion? Is it? Adam and Eve? The story of curiosity and thinking? Punish those who want knowledge? God does this? Is God a petulant father? Punishing those who seek? Those who ask too many questions? What the fuck? Yeah, let’s throw women on the fire since they decided that knowledge was valuable?! WHAT?!

They learned that the upgrade would be worth it, though painful: the wisdom of the LIFE bringer – the womb. God gave them that power and I think all men are jealous and petulant about it. You need the women and you hate them for it. Grow the fuck up.

If you have wondered if it’s time to balance out the treatment of women in society then please let THIS be that moment. You are Having that moment. Let’s fix this please, for GOD’s sake. God can grow and become more perfect. Like us. Can we forgive women/Eve please? They were right, it was worth it. It was hard. BUT now we get to have a moment of awakening… And after having awoken, it was worth the struggle. The cost should be forgiven. The same calculation that women have been making since the dawn of time. This is going to hurt. But something new is then born and we get to continue riding this ball of change for another generation.

That being said – I’d like to spend some money on animal shelters and women’s shelters and build some really good ones in places that I am familiar with, like in PA. My home state. Like in Lancaster PA where I’ve raised my two kids. Who aren’t my kids. No kids are your kids really, They are conscious beings.  They need your help but are not your property.

Women. Children. Stop abusing them. Treat them with respect. Like you treat animals with respect. The garden of Eden story ultimately has to be about different types of consciousness and how the animals are simply less self aware and therefore free of self reflection. Done. Humans “ate the apple” and became conscious in a different way. Eat the apple. Or the olive. Just change.

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